5 Great Tips for Running a Successful Dispensary

*This article was originally published on BuddyJane.com* As more litigation is passed decreasing the restrictions on cannabis, the cannabusiness is rapidly becoming the fastest growing industry in the United States. Legally recreational States like Colorado and Washington, have experienced what can be best described as a “Green Rush.” An economic boom fueled by profits brought... Continue Reading →


Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Amendment to Protect MMJ Until Feb. 8th

*This article was originally published on BuddyJane.com* An agreement between Senate Democrats and Republicans was made this past Monday, to end the federal government shutdown. This continuing resolution will keep the government running for another 17 days. During this time, Congress is expected to take up legislations regarding cannabis, as well as other pressing issues... Continue Reading →

New York Issues New Medical Marijuana Program Regulations

*this article was originally published on BuddyJane.com* In a positive step forward for New York’s Medical Marijuana Program, the State Department of Health issued new regulations protecting designated facilities. According to the state’s website, the new guidelines offer protection for staff working at certain healthcare facilities. Specifically, protection from unjust incarceration or prosecution for obtaining... Continue Reading →


KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Tailor your email to your leads as much as possible, by using the data your business or others within the industry have collected about your target audience’s interests. You may be working with a very specific audience, so paint points in order to better communicate with them more effectively and succeed... Continue Reading →

Apple Unveils the iPhone X

One of the most anticipated products of the year, the iPhone X was recently announced and is meant to be a departure from previous iPhone and change the way we use smartphones. Among the number of new features are goodies such as 3D facial recognition technology and an OLED Display. The “X” is also switching... Continue Reading →

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